The first time in the world! Israel creates hearts from a 3D printer

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The first time in the world! Israel creates hearts from a 3D printer

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Israeli Scientist Team Hearts are produced from a 3D printer that uses human tissue parts to create a new heart. To provide a way to treat patients who want to be transplanted into the human heart in the future.A new medical breakthrough A paper published in the journal Advanced Science reveals a heart measuring 2.5 cm, the size of a rabbit. But there is a heart structure that is very close to that of all real hearts. Which is printed from a 3D printer

Teacher Tal Dvir, Chief Scientist Tel Aviv DOWNLOAD SLOTXO University, a press release from Tel Aviv University, said Monday, explaining that it was a major medical breakthrough. It is a heart from a 3D printer made from human cells. And have the structure of the heart and blood vessels that are very close to the real heart Dvir sees the heart's highlight from the 3D printer as the bio-ink directly from the patient's tissues. This reduces the incompatibility problem of the transplanted organs in the patient. And shorten the time that patients have to wait for future heart transplants

The process of producing hearts from this 3D printer starts with the extraction of cells, fatty tissue, or fatty tissue of the patient into cellular and non-cellular portions such as collagen to be used as bio-ink for heart shape. In 3D printers and refine cells into stem cells to develop into new heart cells.As for the 2.5cm rabbit heart, it took only a few hours to print. But for the human heart It takes at least one day and billions of cells for just one heart.

However, the chief scientist From Tel Aviv University, explained that It takes at least a month for the heart to grow large enough to start beating like a normal heart. At this stage, the research team is preparing to test the heart transplant from this 3D printer in animals. And is expected to be tested in humans in the future While it is not clear if this 3D printer will create an artificial heart that works better than a natural heart. But the obvious benefit is The 3D printer parts can be used to replace or repair parts of a diseased or damaged heart.A team of scientists from Tel Aviv University aims that within 10 years, modern large hospitals around the world There will be a 3-D printer that can create replacement organs for humans.

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