A Smartod's Simple Goal for Hackers' Education

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A Smartod's Simple Goal for Hackers' Education

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A major security flaw in popular smartwatches makes consumers vulnerable to home hackers, according to the report.Consumer groups say the devices sold in markets like Amazon and eBay could easily be hacked or turned off by criminals.Asking the government to enact new laws to protect consumers Amazon has removed at least seven product listings in response to the findings.The watchdog tested 11 devices bought from the popular online marketplace in the UK, the brands were Qihoo, Ctronics and Victure.The most common flaws were found to be a weak password policy and lack of encryption.

Two devices in the test managed to SLOTXO AUTO steal network passwords and then hack other smart devices inside the house.Amazon UK's current number one bestseller in smart doorbells, Victure Smart Video Doorbell, was found to send unencrypted home network names and user passwords to servers in China.Convenience and safety Lisa Forte, a partner at Red Goat Cyber ​​Security, which specializes in cybersecurity testing, said consumers may inadvertently provide pre-security convenience.In general, the more convenient is the less secure,

The more connected devices you have in your home, the more" doors "for cybercriminals to open. This review indicates that brands do not place customer safety as a priority. first If you decide to buy a smart doorbell, make sure it's from a reputable and trusted brand. When you set it up, change the default password to a long one and, if possible, enable monitoring. It's a two-factor authentication in the setup, ”she adds.Two-factor authentication (2FA) is when a secondary step is introduced into the login process, such as a code sent as an email or text.

While Amazon removed multiple products from their sales, eBay told Which? None of those findings violated their own safety standards.A market spokesperson said the shortcomings represent "Technical product problems that should be resolved with the seller or the manufacturer"Which Kate Bevan? Computer editors say better rules are needed.There should be government legislation to deal with unsafe products without delay and with the support of toothed enforcement agencies that can suppress these devices.

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