China pushes for QR code global travel system

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China pushes for QR code global travel system

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China's President Xi Jinping called for "Global Mechanism" to SLOTXO AUTO use QR codes to open up international travel channels.We need to harmonize policies and standards more harmoniously and create" express routes "to facilitate an orderly flow of people," he said.This code will be used to help establish the health status of the traveler.But human rights advocates warn the code could be used for "Broader investigation and political exclusion.
Xi made the comments at the G20 summit, an online meeting of the heads of state from the world's 20 largest economies hosted by Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

He said the code could be used to recognize "Health certificate from nucleic acid test results", according to records released by China's Xinhua news agency.Mr Xi did not go into further details on how the itinerary works or closely simulates the Chinese app QR code, which is used to help eliminate the virus on the mainland.We hope more countries will join the mechanism," he added.A QR code is a barcode that can be read by a mobile phone. Under a program that China has been running since February, users will be provided with a health code, a traffic light pattern, with a green code to allow users to travel freely, and an orange or red code indicating that they are in quarantine for a period of time. Up to two weeks

The code is based on the combination of big data and the information sent by the user himself.The technology was developed by financial technology giant Ant Financial and is available through Alipay's main app, but also on WeChat, which belongs to Alipay's rival Tencent.
Mr. Xi also called for the opening of the world economy again, including the revival. "Global and industrial supply chains" and "major pharmaceutical trade liberalization"Relaunching travel options remains a challenge for most countries, with the rapidly growing disease making it difficult for authorities to remove travel restrictions.For example, the travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong was postponed shortly before it began this weekend due to a sudden surge in Hong Kong cases.

'Trojan horse'

In a tweet, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch Kenneth Roth expressed caution against Xi's proposal.The early health focus could easily become a Trojan horse for broader investigation and exclusion of politics," he said.Hangzhou said it plans to create a persistent version of QR code-based software that will be used to assign personal scores to citizens based on medical history, health checks and lifestyle habits.QR codes are used differently than others.In Singapore and Australia, for example, it is used for contract tracking, with residents checking in and out of the places they visit, including shopping malls, restaurants and workplaces.

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Re: China pushes for QR code global travel system

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