US approves COVID treatment and G20 pushes global access to vaccines

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US approves COVID treatment and G20 pushes global access to vaccines

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U.S. drug regulators gave emergency approval for Covid-19 antibody therapy on Saturday, and G20 countries pushed for global access to the vaccine as the outbreak led to its shutdown. In some parts of the world With more than 12 million cases in the United States, the highest in the world, many Americans are headed to the airport for next week's Thanksgiving trip, despite warnings from health workers to stay home.Some US states are imposing new restrictions, including California, where the 22:00 to 05:00 curfew takes effect.On the opposite side of the Atlantic, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to announce that the UK-wide restrictions will end on Dec. 2, as planned, his office said.

But the exit of the prison will be followed by a return to three tiers of regional control.Britain suffered more than any other European country from the coronavirus, with more than 54,000 deaths out of 1.4 million.the Middle East, Iran announced unnecessary shutdowns in more than half of its cities and towns for up to two weeks and restrictions on movement.

- Trump's therapy -

The approval of antibody therapy in the SLOTXO AUTO United States raises hope for people infected, though at relatively low doses in the coming weeks.The same therapy was used to treat President Donald Trump when he was sick with the virus.The green light for drugmaker Regeneron comes after REGEN-COV2, a combination of two laboratory-made antibodies, was shown to reduce COVID-19-related hospitalizations or visits. Emergency room in sick patients Permitting these monoclonal antibody therapies may help outpatients avoid hospitalizations and reduce the burden on our healthcare system," said Stephen Hahn, Commissioner of the Faculty of Medicine. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said.

Regeneron's antibody treatment is the second synthetic antibody treatment approved for use in an emergency (EUA) from the FDA after a similar therapy developed by Eli Lilly was granted status on November 9.The company said it expected the volume to be ready for 80,000 patients by the end of November and had a total of about 300,000 by the end of January 2021.These will be made available to US patients at no out-of-pocket costs under the terms of a US government program.But with cases happening across the United States and around the world, that means access won't be widespread. The United States has added more than 360,000 new Covid-19 cases in the past two days.

- Vaccine hope -

There has also been some positive news about the vaccine in recent days from US company Pfizer and German partner BioNTech.On Friday, the companies sought emergency approval for vaccine applicants, the first in the United States or Europe to do so, with trials showing 95 percent of the effectiveness.The heat for these companies is a vaccine developed by another biotech company, Moderna, which says its product is about 95 percent effective.But despite such developments But there are concerns that countries around the world will not have access to enough vaccines and the G20 countries gathered for the virtual summit on Saturday, highlighting those concerns.

While we are optimistic about progress in the development of vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for COVID-19, we must work to create conditions for accessing these tools at affordable and equal prices for people. Everyone, ”said King Salman of Saudi Arabia.We have a duty to meet common challenges during this summit and give our people hope and confidence through this crisis mitigation policy," he told world leaders in an opening speech. work Vaccine advances fuel hope in Italy, one of the countries most severely affected by the outbreak.

Health Minister Roberto Speranza said on Saturday the country plans to launch a major vaccination campaign in January.The vaccine drive "will be implemented in late January when we hope to get the first dose," Speranza told a meeting of pharmacists.Italy, like its European compatriots struggling to cope with a devastating second outbreak, had an estimated 1.3 million cases and nearly 50,000 deaths since the coronavirus broke out earlier this year.

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