Apple will pay $ 113 million to settle the iPhone's batterygate

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Apple will pay $ 113 million to settle the iPhone's batterygate

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Apple will pay $ 113 million (£ 85 million) to settle allegations that it has slowed down older iPhones.Thirty-three US states claimed that Apple did this to trick users into purchasing new devices.Millions of people suffered when the iPhone 6, 7 and SE models were slowed down in 2016 in a scandal called batterygate.Apple declined to comment, however, previously said the phones had been slowed down to preserve aging battery life.The deal is independent of a proposed settlement Apple reached in March to pay injured iPhone owners up to $ 500 million in a class action lawsuit.In 2016, Apple updated the software on the iPhone 6, 7, and SE models - which limited the chip speed in aging phones.

Unusual slowdowns

Apple admitted that its update reduced energy demand after scientists discovered unusual slowdowns in 2017.The states argued that Apple was acting fraudulently and should have replaced the batteries or exposed the problem.According to a report in Arizona, millions of users have suffered from the power cut.Apple denies that the slowdown was for financial gain.But Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich wrote in a court document released Wednesday: “Many consumers have decided the only way to improve performance is to buy a newer iPhone model from Apple.Apple of course fully understood this impact on sales.

As part of the settlement, Apple has pleaded not guilty to slotxo any wrongdoing or breaking the law.The Technology Specialist has also agreed to post on its website "real information" about iPhone power management, software update notes, and iPhone settings for the next three years.The settlement follows a series of other charges against Apple.He is currently locked in a legal battle with Epic Games - among the accusations, the iPhone manufacturer is using its control over its App Store to unfairly accuse developers.

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